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The year 2020.


Solar cell panels were installed to power supply water pumps and lighting. The initial use of the pump to fill

up all of the ponds and canals took approximately 1 month to be full. But, it was a huge success and a step

closer to our organic rice paddy!

We chose to install solar panels for several reasons. First, going solar allows you to generate your own clean and efficient electricity onsite rather than rely on regular grid energy that can be expensive. Second, we believe that going solar is the way to go green in our business as we can reduce pollutants and chemicals being released into the atmosphere. Solar panels work by converting energy from the sun into power.

Here are some photos and videos of the process of the land being transformed:

Completed canals -

A landscape of the completed first step in the transformation process -

Transformation completed -

Testing the solar cell supplied water pump -

Adding water into our ponds -

In the process of transformation -

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for our next blog post on Crops and Fishing!

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