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As a family-owned business in the South East of England, we were contemplating and looking into what we could give back to our home town community, and that is when this idea we had grew into something bigger, and we want to share it with you.

This project started in 2017 and is still ongoing...

We are very passionate about learning how we can be more sustainable as a community by choosing better options.

We plan to focus on planting trees, crops, farming, and importing products from Thailand that we have organically produced to the UK.


Agriculture has always been the backbone of Thailand for centuries. The locals have known how to grow their own rice since they could walk, and this has been passed on from generations to generations.

Growing rice has always had one main issue: rice crops solely rely on rain. For example, if there were a year where we would have little rainfall, the crops would be perished by half. Thus, growing rice successfully depends a lot on the weather.

This lead us to the idea of developing a piece of land that we have in Thailand into a learning centre of eco-system farming. It will be fully self-sustainable, and it will create more work, generate income, and improve the quality of life for the locals, with a bonus of homegrown 100% organic rice from our own paddy field in Thailand which would be shipped out to us in Eastbourne.

Our rice paddy field in Thailand in May 2017

Here is a video of our rice paddy field in the year with so little rain that half of the crops perished due to dehydration.

Keep an eye out for further posts and updates about our long-term project!

We are excited to have you come along on this journey with us.

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