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Thai chicken satay is a very popular starter on Thai restaurant menus; however, the dish can also be served as a main with steamed jasmine rice or coconut rice. The dish is both sweet and savoury and is super simple to make!

Fancy creating your own Little Elephant Thai chicken satay at home? Check this simple and easy recipe out!

What you will need:

Chicken Breast: 200g

Coconut Milk: 100g

Salt: ½ Teaspoon

Sugar: ¼ Teaspoon

Curry Powder: ½ Teaspoon

Grounded Coriander Seed: ¼ Teaspoon

Rapeseed Oil: 2 Tablespoon

How to cook:

1. In a bowl, place the chicken in rapeseed oil and let it soak.

2. Add salt, sugar, and all of the spices to the chicken, and mix everything.

3. Add the marinated chicken into a hot frying pan.

4. Cook the chicken evenly on both sides and leave the chicken to cook all the way through.

To serve:

Serve with a side of salad for a light meal or serve with rice for a main.

And... Voila! Your Thai chicken satay is ready to eat.


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