For the lover of spicey food, the popular Thai street food stir-fry basil chilli is now ready for you adventurer to cook at home. Choose your choice of protein from chicken: £7 per serving, pork: £7.50 per serving, beef: £8 per serving, and prawns: £8.50 per serving. All orders must be a minimum of 2 servings. This set comes with jasmine rice and all the ingridents for you to cook at home.

Stir-Fry Basil & Chilli Set With Jasmine Rice (Serving for 2)

  • Jasmine Rice/Stir-Fry Sauce (M)(S)(W)(G)/Chilli & Garlic Paste/Onions/Pepper/Red Chilli/Fine Beans/Basil/Your Choice Of Protein.

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