Please read before booking, changes to service & guidelines

1) We have two ways in which you could place your food order "table side ordering” and our new “mobile table ordering”.

2) Table side ordering is still an option and if you are happy to order this way, please call our staff over when you are ready.

3) We have introduced our new “mobile table ordering” system to help cope with demands as we have limited staff working at the moment and we highly encourage you to use this way of ordering when possible. The order is paid for at the time of placing your order through this new system. This eliminates the amount of contact between yourself and our staff, thus greatly reducing the chance of passing anything onto each other. Free Wi-Fi is available for you to use to help smooth out the ordering process and for the duration of your time with us.

4) Your main (except for noodles & fried rice) now comes with jasmine rice with an optional upgrade for £1.

5) Once you arrived, please wait by the entrance to be seen by a member of staff to be taken to your table.  Please use the hand sanitising station by the door when you come into the restaurant. Face covering must be worn upon arrival and must be on unless you are seating to eat or drink.

6) Under the guideline, please check into the NHS track & trace before you enter the restaurant.

7) As of the new government guideline, we will no longer be accepting any reservation that is larger than a party of 6.

8) As from Thursday 24th October 2020, the restaurant will now be shut no later than 10 pm until further notice.

We ask for your kind understanding on this matter to follow our guidelines, as we are doing our best to keep you, other guests, and our team safe while we operate. The more people to follow the guideline, the sooner we can beat COVID-19. Thank you.

Street Food

Click & Collect

Placing a takeaway shouldn't be hard, so we made it easy for you and now you can order online to collect at our restaurant.

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Food Box

Everything you need to be your own chef, with our easy to follow cooking instructions in our Kin-D Food Box

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