Little Elephant's founder, Chef Anupong hail from Surin, a province that's well-known as the country's historical home of elephants in Northeastern Thailand.


Anupong honed his in some of the best restaurant kitchens starting in 1990, and even partnered to win a nationally televised cooking competition similar to today's Iron Chef. 


In 1993, Anupongrelocated from Thailand to the UK, and now have over 30 years of experience creating exceptional Thai cuisine.

With a passion for genuine Thai tastes and a wealth of cooking secrets passed down for generations, the Little Elephant deliver a unique menu that highlights the best street food and other favourites from all over Thailand. Enjoy the lost art of authentic Thai cuisine just as locals experience every day in the Land of Smiles: casual and fun fare done the right way with fresh ingredients. Flavours and creativity come alive at Little Elephant — it's the next best thing to going on holiday!

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