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The restaurant will be shut until the 3rd of August.

We have been pinged by the NHS Covid-19 app earlier this morning and have been told to self-isolate. As a small family run business, we live and work together, so this news is very devasting to us as we cannot continue to operate like most other businesses can if a staff member has been pinged.

All family members will now be self-isolating. At the moment, none of the pinged family members is showing any sign of symptoms. However, we have our Covid tests booked and will update everyone on the result as soon as possible.

Little Elephant itself has not yet been pinged that there is a link to a venue outbreak. Still, we advised all customers who have visited us within the last 5 days to be very cautious and self-isolate if possible.

We are seeking advice from the Eastbourne council business support team and will be back to update everyone.

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